black swan swimming towards moonlight black swan swimming towards moonlight

Black Swan


I do what I want,
when I want,
and where I want

said the ugly duckling

Welcome to Irenka's BS World ;)

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Do you feel like a black swan? Perhaps you don't know what a black swan is...

Between these walls of the matrix we offer asylum from the outside world. Please take your shoes off and feel free to take a tour of the house! Who knows, you might find a couple surprises here and there hidden in the corners...

Leave comments, TAGS, and if you think I'm crazy, spread the word : the more the merrier! :D

  • Because it is the privilege of art to accompany change
  • Because it is the noble mission of the artist to speak up
  • Because diversity makes the world go round
  • Because the world needs great values and integrity to be associated with success
  • Because freedom of thought and love are worth peacefully and passionately fighting for
  • Because we refuse to let hypocrisy, intolerance, manipulation,and jealousy win

  • Because music brings hope, inspires, and unites
  • Because it makes you smile, cry, shiver, sing, and dance
  • Because with music life is more breathable
  • Because music heals the soul from invisible wounds
  • Because when no one is there, music is
  • And if it weren't for music, we wouldn't be here

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Fairy Story | Graphic Credits

Thx to Ben McGehee, Dale Thorpe, Dustin Norlander, Daniel Carter, Hannes von D�hren, Lars Manenschijn, Koczman B�lint, Filkor �d�m, Nate Halley, Chris Hansen, Apostrophic Laboratories, Tom Murphy 7, Smoking Drum, for their custom fonts!

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