black swan swimming towards moonlight black swan swimming towards moonlight

Black Swan


I do what I want,
when I want,
and where I want

said the ugly duckling

Welcome to Irenka's BS World ;)

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Do you feel like a black swan? Perhaps you don't know what a black swan is...

Between these walls of the matrix we offer asylum from the outside world. Please take your shoes off and feel free to take a tour of the house! Who knows, you might find a couple surprises here and there hidden in the corners...

Leave comments, TAGS, and if you think I'm crazy, spread the word : the more the merrier! :D

  • Because it is the privilege of art to accompany change
  • Because it is the noble mission of the artist to speak up
  • Because diversity makes the world go round
  • Because the world needs great values and integrity to be associated with success
  • Because freedom of thought and love are worth peacefully and passionately fighting for
  • Because we refuse to let hypocrisy, intolerance, manipulation,and jealousy win

  • Because music brings hope, inspires, and unites
  • Because it makes you smile, cry, shiver, sing, and dance
  • Because with music life is more breathable
  • Because music heals the soul from invisible wounds
  • Because when no one is there, music is
  • And if it weren't for music, we wouldn't be here

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 Vazy fonce Irenka on croit en toi!! 
  • tu te reconnaitras,
  • on ne sait o
  • James ,
  • Little Rock Ar
 je t'aime  
  • mouli,
  • Bangalore
 When twisted minds meet across virtual space, there is magic. I love your music. My name is Charles. 
  • God by His grace.,
  • Eldora, Iowa
 Sitting still but going everywhere at once on a million pieces of hope. 
  • A dreamer,
  • Nashville
 I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.
  • Raymond ,
 Irenka, I absolutely love "Autumn song" (with lyrics) It is so beautiful and it 
touches my soul !!!
  • Leslie,
  • California
 Love this song as always, and Love you! 
  • Gail Ivey,
  • Nashville
 read the lyrics and poems, my mind and soul enriched. if you did not i wonder
what your waiting for. 
  • themba,
  • kensington jhb
 themba mayor irenka to rock RSA
be inspired, uplifted
learn to love  
  • themba,
  • kensington jhb
 Ayyyyyyyy what's up Irenka!!! 
  • Stevie,
  • Nashville
 Love your sound, young woman. It's uniquely refreshing!  
  • Will,
  • Nashville
 A friend singer 
  • Ingun Djurhuus,
 Love being a beautiful 
black swan!!! 
  • Leslie,
  • California
 Love me some Irenka!!  
  • Professor P-Soop,
  • California
 Hi Irenka!!!
Your music is  

Leslie Was Here :)

  • Leslie,
  • California
 Hey GoOfy girl
Love Ya
  • Natasha,
  • Chatsworth
 Chase the Stars, don'f forget 
who you are 
  • Phano,
  • Winona, Minnesota
 #A World of Possibilities
with a Black Swan Music,
Poetry, and so much more.
  • P. Sidney,
  • a world of possibilities
 I really like the poem I Don't 
Need No Lover.  Do you 
have a song like this? In my 
opinion, I could see this 
being a kick butt tune!
  • Kyle,
  • middle of nowhere
 Blood is thicker than water.  
  • Kevin Schmalzried,
 fun visiting with you!  
  • gary earl,
  • nashville