black swan swimming towards moonlight black swan swimming towards moonlight

Black Swan


I do what I want,
when I want,
and where I want

said the ugly duckling

BS World talents

We foster bold experimental rock music, edgy subversive pop, dance, crossover metal, moody instrumentals, anything even remotely spirited. We have a lot of diverse universes coming together and converging to create unique pieces. BS World is a space and time where every type of music can coexist, rap, acoustic, electro, metal, world, gothic, pop, jazz, reggae, gypsy, all that matters is that it's genuine.

Music changes people's lives, music and art make the world better. They are acts of creation, not destruction. "Reality is subjective, it's made out of feelings, feelings are more real than any one fact because, although facts claim to be objective, everything we observe is processed through feeling. We feel, therefore we are. And so there is nothing more real than art, and music."

SpOutniK (a.K.a Irenka #1)

Away from prying eyes, slowly but Surely took her time to craft her songs. Having trouble to express herself, she started writing poetry at a young age as a means to communicate her chaotic thoughts by organizing them melodically on paper. "Words are dangerous and treacherous because they never really come close enough to the feelings and every word can be used against you with bad faith. But, if they are in a poem it's ok because it's ART, and art is not to be criticized, only experienced." From Brussels to Paris, from Paris to England, back to Paris, then to the States, Surely is a self-made modern gypsy, with a life full of adventures to relate. Listening to anything from the grand classics to contemporary hits, her music crosses borders nimbly, baked out of rock and soul, pop and heart. It's sweet and sour, it's warm but fresh, it's cheesy then spicy. Ready to have a taste?

NoWayToHeaven (a.K.a Irenka #2)

If you think you know what a rebel is, think twice when you overlook NoWayToHeaven. She might not look just like what you expect: no tatoos, piercings, but she don't give a shit 'coz she don't need to display stereotypical cues to say exactly what's on her mind. Absorbing the sounds of Mypollux, Emilie Autumn, Korn, Schumann, Apocalyptica, Evanescence, Nightwish, her universe is dark and mysterious. "If it's not ok to be depressing your relations with your dark moods and confidences then I will dump it on my music. Getting it out of me makes me a better person inside, and what makes a person better makes the world better. If you can't understand it, don't listen to it." You've been officially warned.

€psilon (a.K.a Irenka #3)

€psilon loves dancing. Period. The beat and how it makes you move inside and out, viscerally, that's where the passion comes from, that's where it lies. To be able to make people dance and feel the music from their toes to their fingers takes a magical skill. However, in this traditional scene where sex and dance music are so closely tied together, €psilon explores alternative themes, without dropping in sensuality. The mixes will mess with your expectations, infused with 80s disco, 90s American pop, European techno and electro, modern dubstep. "I label my kind of EDM the WTF genre." Hu? Don't ask me. The only way to find out what that means is to check it out!

Just remember one thing, dear you : there will always be more Irenkas to come!

Everything is possible equipped with a zest of imagination, a little stubbornness and a good dose of boldness...

Dive into a brainstorm : Random output of tripolar thoughts

Also this is how it's done, brick by brick

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 Vazy fonce Irenka on croit en toi!! 
  • tu te reconnaitras,
  • on ne sait où
  • James ,
  • Little Rock Ar
 je t'aime  
  • mouli,
  • Bangalore
 When twisted minds meet across virtual space, there is magic. I love your music. My name is Charles. 
  • God by His grace.,
  • Eldora, Iowa
 Sitting still but going everywhere at once on a million pieces of hope. 
  • A dreamer,
  • Nashville
 I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.
  • Raymond ,
 Irenka, I absolutely love "Autumn song" (with lyrics) It is so beautiful and it 
touches my soul !!!
  • Leslie,
  • California
 Love this song as always, and Love you! 
  • Gail Ivey,
  • Nashville
 read the lyrics and poems, my mind and soul enriched. if you did not i wonder
what your waiting for. 
  • themba,
  • kensington jhb
 themba mayor irenka to rock RSA
be inspired, uplifted
learn to love  
  • themba,
  • kensington jhb
 Ayyyyyyyy what's up Irenka!!! 
  • Stevie,
  • Nashville
 Love your sound, young woman. It's uniquely refreshing!  
  • Will,
  • Nashville
 A friend singer 
  • Ingun Djurhuus,
 Love being a beautiful 
black swan!!! 
  • Leslie,
  • California
 Love me some Irenka!!  
  • Professor P-Soop,
  • California
 Hi Irenka!!!
Your music is  

Leslie Was Here :)

  • Leslie,
  • California
 Hey GoOfy girl
Love Ya
  • Natasha,
  • Chatsworth
 Chase the Stars, don'f forget 
who you are 
  • Phano,
  • Winona, Minnesota
 #A World of Possibilities
with a Black Swan Music,
Poetry, and so much more.
  • P. Sidney,
  • a world of possibilities
 I really like the poem I Don't 
Need No Lover.  Do you 
have a song like this? In my 
opinion, I could see this 
being a kick butt tune!
  • Kyle,
  • middle of nowhere
 Blood is thicker than water.  
  • Kevin Schmalzried,
 fun visiting with you!  
  • gary earl,
  • nashville