black swan swimming towards moonlight black swan swimming towards moonlight

Black Swan


I do what I want,
when I want,
and where I want

said the ugly duckling

A wkward is the new cool!

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Below some of our artistic creations, full songs, instrumentals, or demos, a peek into indie music production. Play around, download, comment, share, remix (well... ask me first of course :))

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Instrumental pieces, improvz, on the go

A very simple little piano ballad, written in autumn mood.

Would be cool in a video game or TV or what, don't you think ?

This is a snippet of an instrumental track I started working on.

Eventually it shall become a full orchestral piece.

Pure Originals, made and bottled in BS Land

Demo! Follow the evolution, the insides of audio production!

A little song in Autumn mood. Mix of French and English. Lyrics over here.

Wanted to show you in exclusivity some Work in progress. If you feel inspired, why not collaborate on this song ? Hit me up! Lyrics over here.

I don't need to explain this song, all the subtlety lies in the lyrics, you get it or you don't ;)

Arrangement still in progress, this is my own effort...

A 'let-me-go' French song, I wrote the original draft when I was 17 so it's technically one of my very first songs! It is also my most achieved song in terms of arrangements as I spent literally entire weeks on it, piling layers synths, throwing in random samples and what not. Mind you, it turned out completely different than what I had imagined originally (at 17 I was going for a pop dance club song showcasing DJing features) haha!

Outro sampling Enya from her track "Boadicea". Lyrics in French or an English translation over here.

French heartbreak lyrical song, open for arrangement. Lyrics here, if you understand French.

Fun Covers, absurd Pastiche, and other glitZy Whims

Vocal arrangement of Portishead's hit song, really cool to record and sample live with Ableton and my old iPod Touch (bless its heart).

That's right, all the tracks apart from the synth are vocals! And for the technically inclined, I only used compressors, EQs, and delay/reverb.

Here in BSWorld, we love to collaborate with artists from anywhere, creating all sorts of different fun stuff.

This is a track from Chrizskemattik, an upcoming chill-electro-hop producer from Chicago, on which we lended a "sexy French voice" for a robot girl in the bridge.

It was a lot of fun! Check out Chrizskemattik's website at

Another chill ambiance electro song by Chrizskemattik.

Lended my voice as a lush melody brought by a gust of wind. Youtube vid coming up soon.

So... I went through my old stuff and dusted off this pastiche I did for school. I'm a big muffin of Emilie Autumn so of course I had to choose her, big time challenge. Let me know how close you think I got with this, check out the lyrics.

It's all midi tracks btw. I figured out I'm a much better violin player on VST than on my beautiful Romanian 5-string :p Recording the vocals was pretty epic as I decided to put my [terrible] British accent on and ended up having to record every other word again and again because I kept reverting to my normal accent halfway through the lines.

If Emilie ever stumbles upon this track, I bet she might die laughing ;)

Q is a friend artist from Belgium; he loves everything about pop, making top 3s of the most ludicrous newest pop trends taking over the world, popifying random things in life, translating pop lyrics to other languages [highly recommended activity! hysterically funny!], etc.

Who knows me a little, knows I love to laugh and engage in very silly projects. So of course Q got me on board to cover this song and try out my English rapping skills... ya didn't think I got tha flo like that, hu? :p Well... I think it's even more funny to have it right under my Victorian pastiche lol

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 Vazy fonce Irenka on croit en toi!! 
  • tu te reconnaitras,
  • on ne sait où
  • James ,
  • Little Rock Ar
 je t'aime  
  • mouli,
  • Bangalore
 When twisted minds meet across virtual space, there is magic. I love your music. My name is Charles. 
  • God by His grace.,
  • Eldora, Iowa
 Sitting still but going everywhere at once on a million pieces of hope. 
  • A dreamer,
  • Nashville
 I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.
  • Raymond ,
 Irenka, I absolutely love "Autumn song" (with lyrics) It is so beautiful and it 
touches my soul !!!
  • Leslie,
  • California
 Love this song as always, and Love you! 
  • Gail Ivey,
  • Nashville
 read the lyrics and poems, my mind and soul enriched. if you did not i wonder
what your waiting for. 
  • themba,
  • kensington jhb
 themba mayor irenka to rock RSA
be inspired, uplifted
learn to love  
  • themba,
  • kensington jhb
 Ayyyyyyyy what's up Irenka!!! 
  • Stevie,
  • Nashville
 Love your sound, young woman. It's uniquely refreshing!  
  • Will,
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 A friend singer 
  • Ingun Djurhuus,
 Love being a beautiful 
black swan!!! 
  • Leslie,
  • California
 Love me some Irenka!!  
  • Professor P-Soop,
  • California
 Hi Irenka!!!
Your music is  

Leslie Was Here :)

  • Leslie,
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 Hey GoOfy girl
Love Ya
  • Natasha,
  • Chatsworth
 Chase the Stars, don'f forget 
who you are 
  • Phano,
  • Winona, Minnesota
 #A World of Possibilities
with a Black Swan Music,
Poetry, and so much more.
  • P. Sidney,
  • a world of possibilities
 I really like the poem I Don't 
Need No Lover.  Do you 
have a song like this? In my 
opinion, I could see this 
being a kick butt tune!
  • Kyle,
  • middle of nowhere
 Blood is thicker than water.  
  • Kevin Schmalzried,
 fun visiting with you!  
  • gary earl,
  • nashville